holds a Ph.D. degree from CTU in Prague, with a thesis focused on advance control system design for flexible structure aircraft, and he completed internships at EADS (Airbus) and Space Dynamics Laboratory in Utah. He then completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at DTU, where he focused on optimization-based advance control system design for wind turbines with flexible structures. 

Tomas has extensive industrial experience in the automotive sector, where he held a post as a team leader and control system design competence owner at Porsche Engineering Group. He also has experience in the aerospace sector as a control system design engineer at Rolls-Royce aerospace. 

Currently, Tomas serves as the head of the Smart Driving Solutions research center at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where his research focuses on developing innovative solutions for smart and autonomous driving. His expertise in control systems and optimization enables him to develop advanced technologies that improve safety, efficiency, and comfort in future vehicles.

Senior researchers

Ing. Martin Klaučo, Ph.D.

Ing. Milan Korda, Ph.D.

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