did his Ph.D. thesis on topic of advance control system design for flexible structure aircraft at CTU in Prague with internship at EADS (Airbus) and Space Dynamics Laboratory in Utah, followed by 2 years Postdoc on topic of Optimization based advance control system design for Wind-turbines with flexible structures at DTU.

Tomas has industrial experience from automotive sector, as he was holding post of Team leader and control system design competence owner at Porsche Engineering Group, as well as aerospace sector, as control system design engineer at Rolls-Royce aerospace.

Tomas is currently in charge of Smart Driving Solutions research center at Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.

Senior researchers

doc. Ing. Michal Kvasnica, Ph.D.

  • Model predictive control

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence in decision making and control

  • Embedded optimization and control

  • Hybrid systems analysis and control

  • Software tools for model-based control design

  • IoT and Web 2.0 technologies

Ing. Martin Klaučo, Ph.D.

  • MPC-based Reference Governor synthesis

  • Application of machine learning in systems and control theory

  • Application of explicit and implicit MPC

  • Mixed-Integer Programming and its application in connection with MPC

Ing. Milan Korda, Ph.D.

  • Control

  • Optimization

  • Dynamical systems

  • Applied operator theory

Ph.D. students

Ing. Vít Cibulka

Ing. Petr Liškář

Ing. David Vošahlík

Graduate students

Jan Belák

Adam Konopiský

Tomáš Rutrle

Jan Švancar

Tomáš Twardzik

Tomáš Veselý