Drive-by-Wire is born

Research Center at Department of Control Engineering

Czech Technical University in Prague


Drive-by-Wire (DbW) is a revolutionary technology that replaces traditional mechanical systems with electronic systems in vehicles, allowing for greater precision and control over the vehicle's functions. The concept of DbW was originally developed in the aerospace industry, where it is known as fly-by-wire (FbW). FbW has been successfully used in commercial and military aircraft for decades, providing pilots with enhanced control and reliability over their aircraft.

The principles of FbW can be transferred to the automotive industry, where the use of DbW technology can augment human driver capabilities and provide a safer and more reliable driving experience. DbW systems have the ability to make real-time adjustments to the vehicle's acceleration, braking, and steering, based on data from sensors and other inputs. This allows for more precise and responsive control over the vehicle, improving safety and efficiency.

In addition to improving the driving experience, we believe that DbW technology is a critical missing piece in the development process from human-driven vehicles to autonomous vehicles. DbW systems provide the foundation for many advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which are necessary for the safe operation of autonomous vehicles. These systems can also provide a smooth transition from manual to autonomous driving by allowing the driver to maintain some control over the vehicle, while still relying on the assistance of the vehicle's automated systems.

In conclusion, the technology transfer from FbW to DbW offers significant benefits to the automotive industry, including improved safety, reliability, and efficiency. The use of DbW technology is a critical step in the development process from human-driven vehicles to autonomous vehicles, providing the foundation for advanced driver assistance systems and a smooth transition to autonomous driving.